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College Counseling

Pegasus sets the College Counselling office to create a personalized application plan for each student

College Counselling teacher:

There are professional counselling teachers in the school to provide students with a large amount of university information and professional information to help them plan for college application, including standardized examination arrangement, competition selection, summer school activities, interdisciplinary research, application documents tutoring and recommendation letters writing.
Exclusive application plan:

Pegasus creates the own exclusive application program for each student since their enrollment, guides students to choose academic and elective courses, makes reasonable student path planning, builds their unique personal application image, and collects high-quality resources at home and abroad to help Pegasus students apply for university.

College Counselling Lectures:

Pegasus invites professional counselors at home and abroad to give various lectures to provide the latest college application information and answer questions for parents and students.

Extracurricular activity Tutoring:

Pegasus conducts various extracurricular activities according to students’ interests to enrich their resumes and lay a solid foundation for applying for university.

College Admissions Officer Visiting:

Pegasus invites the college admissions officers around the world regularly to bring the most cutting-edge information, so that Pegasus students can intuitively and closely experience overseas universities.
Crystal Hu
 Head of College Counselling Center