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Being a cultural inheritor in the new era is my most meaningful thing in Pegasus

        Release Time:2023-02-13 16:03

Ink painting, continuation of Chinese civilization

Poetry, calligraphy, treasures of national elegance

The youth of the country, with the cultivation of traditional Chinese painting, inherits the essence of culture, and continues the heritage of Chinese culture, is becoming the developer and blender of international culture.



The Pegasus Chinese Painting Club, founded by the club president Alvin, has the ultimate goal of inheriting and developing the classical culture of the Chinese nation, and has been unanimously recognized by the people inside and outside the school.


At the Pegasus exhibition just held, more than half of the works were completed or directed by Alvin, and all the works were sold, which fully reflected Alvin's artistic quality and organizational ability.


As a deeper cultural link, the exhibition charity sale organized by the students has deepened Pegasus students understanding of traditional Chinese culture.


The school issued the certificates to students who have made outstanding contributions and participated actively. The children raised funds through their own efforts, which made every parent and teacher deeply proud!



Although Alvin is just a middle school student at present, his love for traditional Chinese painting has sprouted more than ten years ago.


When he got the idea of studying abroad, he came across a piece of news that a Chinese girl who applied for Harvard entered Harvard University with her specialty of traditional Chinese painting, and in her later career of studying abroad, she established a community through her own efforts, which promoted the wide spread of traditional Chinese painting culture in the whole university and even among American students.


At first, Alvin was encouraged and started his path of traditional Chinese painting with good vision and sense of responsibility. After learning brush calligraphy and painting for nearly ten years, Alvin became more and more interested, and founded his first Chinese painting association once entered Pegasus.




The unique feature of Alvin's club is that it has created a precedent for the Pegasus clubs - there is no specific requirement to join the Chinese painting club, and the only threshold is to be full of enthusiasm and interest in Chinese painting.


He said: "I welcome everyone who wants to understand traditional culture and painting art. Even if there is no foundation, I am willing to teach."



At the weekly club activities, Alvin insists on teaching the basic knowledge and freehand brushwork of traditional Chinese painting in person. Especially with regard to the application skills of blotting paper and pen and ink, each stroke affects the rendering effect of the overall picture, which is boring but needs a lot of practice. This is also the content that Alvin will never tire of showing and guiding.




Alvin's club activities are often visited by foreign teachers. In fact, during the overseas exchange, Alvin used western techniques and tools to draw a picture of the national treasure panda.


Since then, Alvin began to think about the integration of Chinese and Western techniques. On the way of inheritance and dissemination, Alvin never stopped thinking, summarized problems and experiences in practice, and then ruminated the depth and breadth of thinking into the practice of inheriting traditional culture, which truly assumes a new youth spirit of international fusion.



With the impact of the trend of thought of new things, the good traditional Chinese culture, which should have been shining in the long scroll of history, is facing the passage. Alvin believes that the techniques of traditional Chinese painting are gradually enriched in the precipitation of thousands of years, and it is worth inheriting by using unique pigments and techniques to depict the world and all the beautiful things in memory.


Speaking of traditional Chinese painting and its future development, Alvin said that even if he graduated from Pegasus and went abroad for further study, he would continue to join or establish the traditional Chinese painting club, bringing the beauty of traditional Chinese culture to the whole world!