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Teacher’s Time/ With passion and bilingualism, Give clear directions to Pegasus Academy Students

        Release Time:2023-02-13 15:58

What is good education? The famous German philosopher Jaspers once wrote in his book: "The essence of education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul wakes another soul."


In the view of Monica, a bilingual mathematics teacher at Pegasus Academy (preparatory class), a good educator is like the cloud and the tree. It is not only to impart external knowledge, but also to stimulate students' mirror reflection and awaken their potential for self-perception and change through teachers' own practice.





When we were interviewed, Monica was teaching the course of "sound transmission media". By guiding students to recall the sound transmission phenomenon in life, she constantly threw questions and triggered thinking, and improved students' independent exploration ability.


In fact, no matter how difficult or simple the course is, Monica is always inspired slowly and never impatient to instill the inherent answers into the students.


You can feel the refreshing feminine educational power from her with the greatest kindness and patience.


Escort Students with Bilingualism


Interesting class


Teachers Idea


Can you talk about your teaching idea? What do you think is the significance of bilingual teaching?


Considering that some students may not be able to adapt to the English-only teaching environment immediately, Pegasus adopts the preparatory model of bilingual teaching.


Through the repeated practice of switching between Chinese and English, students can rapidly expand their accumulation in professional vocabulary, grammar consolidation and other aspects, and gradually transition to a pure English environment from the beginning of enrollment, which can make it easier for students to integrate into a new and unfamiliar learning environment.

Another significance of bilingual teaching in the Academy class is that we can provide students with a platform to pursue a higher achievement.


The students of international schools usually have a tight schedule and heavy tasks. They should make overall course selection planning, participate in various community activities and discipline competitions for future application for studying abroad from the beginning of enrollment.


During the whole year in the Academy class, in addition to improving students' listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, bilingual teaching will also help students establish their interests as soon as possible from the perspective of professional skills and knowledge, and lay the foundation for the course selection and learning of senior students.


Meanwhile, a solid discipline foundation can also save time and effort in learning, and improve other application conditions when there is spare time in learning.

Escort Students with Bilingualis

How do you stimulate students' interest? What are the specific designs in the classroom?


Expand knowledge and stimulate interest


In addition to the sense of humor in language, I will add relevant subject knowledge through interesting and effective cartoon educational films, expand students' interest in independent inquiry and improve the knowledge system.

Step by step, teach students according to their aptitude and talents.


In view of the different levels and learning styles of different students, we also need to teach students according to their aptitude in the process of teaching. For example, some students are difficult to speak in front of the whole class, so I begin to train them by speaking in front of me alone; Some children are lazy in class. I will seize the advantages of children, encourage them to realize that they should do better through language, and let them participate more in class.

Team work and brainstorming


Learning alone is also lonely, so I often let students discuss and solve a problem by team work, give full play to the value of individuals in the team, and increase students' self-confidence.

There is an old Chinese saying that Teacher is the person who teach students knowledge ,tell students the way to live and answer students' questions. What do you emphasize more on delivering to students in your teaching process?


This saying about teachers' professional quality, to some extent, explains what a qualified educator is. Teachers should have qualified professional qualities, pass on the rigorous, serious and indomitable spirit to students in the teaching process, and strive to make themselves a model of lifelong learning.


In addition, middle school is an important period for adolescence to grope towards adulthood and maturity. In the golden stage of intellectual development, education needs patience to give consideration to both professional knowledge and personality cultivation.


Teachers should be good at exploring students' flash points, and also need to find students' needs no matter in their life or study in a timely manner.

Education is like an artist carefully carving a piece of art; When the final work is completed, the pride is incomparable

Teacher Monica said that the greatest charm of education is that you will never get tired of this pride.