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Pegasus Week Plan (03.06-03.10)

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Student continue with Unit 5 Trigonometric Functions.

(AP Computer Science)
Students will practice coding and concept of computer science through micrcontrollers.

(Engineering Product Science)
Students Continue with individual Project.

Students finish chapter 4 - Application of Forces.


(AP Calculus AB)
Integration of Transcendental Functions.

(AP Statistics) 
Inference for Quantitative Data: Test for Slope.

(AP Calculus BC) 
Approximating Solutions Using Euler’s Method; Exponential Models with Differential Equations.


(AP Economy) 
Defining, measuring, and calculating unemployment and the labor force; Minimum wage laws; Unions and collective bargaining; Money growth and inflation.

Developing formulas for circles and regular polygons; Finding Perimeter and Area through separation and combination; Effects of changing dimensions proportionately; Trigonometric probability.

Manipulating formulas for regular polygons; Estimating areas of irregular shapes in the coordinate plane; Developing formulas for circles and regular polygons; Analyzing the effects of changing areas.

(English 12)
Guided reading of 'The Things They Carried' focusing on chs. 2-6. Lessons follow writing compositions.

(AP Language) 
Close reading of Swift's 'Modest Proposal'. Answer questions and complete a composition in response to it that uses satire. Complete FRQ3 as a timed task to get ready for the exam.

(English 9)
Students present their oral presentations to conclude the unit on 'Identity and Belonging'. Focusing on wilderness narratives as an introduction to the anchor text students read excerpts from a Bill Bryson text and write about theme in a poem.


(Government P1)
Students will learn about Civil Liberties.

(AP Government)
Students will learn about state and local governments.

(AP US History) 
Students will learn about American imperialism of the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

(US History)
Students will learn about the Civil War.

(World History)
Students will continue learning about East and Southeast Asia.


(AP European History)
Understanding Absolutism in Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe.

Students are working on learning Baseball basics, rules and techniques.

(Digit Arts)
Learning Blender.

(AP Studio Arts)
Students will continue experimenting with a variety of media and approaches through class projects, independent study, etc.

Paul F.

(AP Biology)
Review chapters 17-19, 27 & 30 and do some practice.

(AP Chemistry)
Explanation of gas homework; Review unit  7, 12, 14 and do some practices.

The experiment of filter fermented liquids and observe yeast; Review chapter 3,5,7,9,16,18 and the explanation of practices.

The experiment of distillation; Review methods of separation; New course of fraction distillation.


(Orchestra / Band) 
Analyse Hans Zimmer's film music. Learn Tonality and Key feeling.

Continue basic training. Practice timbre and intonation. Lear music theory.

(Jazz Band)
Rehearse A Thousand Years for the performance on Women's Day. Distinguish Tonality and Key feeling.


(Academy Reading & Writing)
Students will have a greater understanding of colloquial language through studying idioms and proverbs.

(Academy English)
Introduce colloquial language and regional dialects to students. The objective being to broaden the students knowledge of everyday spoken English.


(Academy Science) 
Students are able to learn Formulae; Review and practice Unit 7 and do the quizzes.

(Academy Math) 
Students will be able to learn how to write point-slope form. Students are able to determine a line of best, interpret it.

(Academy English Listening & Speaking)
Grammar Training week 2--Verb and Adjective.