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Pegasus Week Plan (03.13-03.17)

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Students continue with Unit 5 Trigonometric Functions.

(AP Computer Science)
Students Finish their DIY project.

(Engineering Product Science)
Students Finish their DIY project.

Test + Chapter 4 review. Students start with Chapter 5 Work + Energy.


(AP Calculus AB)
Introduction to Differential Equations.

(AP Statistics) 
Whole-School Jelly Beans Jar Activity.


(English 12) 
Things they Carried, character and theme. Analyzing Poetry. Preparing for a presentation.

(AP Language) 
Rhetorical Analysis unit on 9-11. Review familiar concepts. Complete MCQ, investigate conceptual links between photography and poetrt texts and complete a timed essay.

(English 9)
Where do we find adventures? What choices do we face? What determines the path we take? How do we learn from the stories we read?


(Government P1)
Students will learn about Civil Rights.

(AP Government) 
Students will learn about the bureaucracy.

(AP US History) 
Students will learn about the Progressive Era.

(US History)
Students will continue learning about the Civil War.

(World History)
Students will learn about the Renaissance.


(AP European History)
Understanding the context in which the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment developed in Europe.

Students are working on learning Baseball basics, rules and techniques.

(Digit Arts)
Learning Blender.

(AP Studio Arts)
Students will continue experimenting with a variety of media and approaches through class projects, independent study, etc.

Paul F.

(AP Biology)
Review chapter 27,30,34,43,44.

(AP Chemistry) 
Review unit 14, 15,16, organic compounds and Separating and purifying substances.

Presentation of chapter 22 and chapter 1.

Experiment: fraction distillation.


(Orchestra / Band) 
Calculate the interval. Judge the nature of intervals by listening.

Voices exercise. Learn Away From the Roll of the Sea.

(Jazz Band)
Review Intervals. Understand the characteristics of Indian music.

(Academy Reading & Writing)
Students will review the last few months' lessons and use the new vocabulary they have learned in a project for the mid-term exams.

(Academy English)
Students will review the last few months' lessons with a view to incorporating what they have learned into a project for the mid-term exams.

(Academy Science)
Review and test chapter 7 Atoms. Study the new chapter 8 Compounds and Mixtures.

(Academy Math) 
Finish chapter 4-9 and 4-10. Give quizzes to test students.

(Academy English Listening & Speaking)
Grammar training: pronoun and adjectives.

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