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Pegasus Week Plan (12.12-12.16)

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Power, Polynomials, and Rational Functions.
 (AP Computer Science)
Continue with Big Idea computer network systems.
Engineering Product Science
Students continue working on Blender Project.
Chapter 1 - 3 - Waves and Sound.
(AP Calculus AB)
Students will use L’Hospital’s Rule for determining limits of indeterminate forms as 0/0 and ∞/∞.
 (AP Statistics)
Introduction To Confidence Intervals (Unit 6).
 (AP Calculus BC)
First and Second Derivative Tests.
(AP Economy)
Finishing the chapter on Monopolies; Monopolistic competition; The debate of advertising.
Piecewise Functions; Transforming functions; Operations with functions.
Drawing and describing dilations; Proving similarity with circles; Verifying triangle similarity; Applying properties of similar triangles.
(English 12)
Guided reading of key chapters: Heroes, Moscow, the Sheep, The Trip, F 14's, Jewels and The Key. Students will draw conclusions based on historical/cultural inferences and write s sample essay on a key theme.
 (AP Language)
Exam skills focus Multiple Choice. Develop argument skills in essay writing tasks.  Know and explain logical fallacies.
 (Academy Reading & Writing)
Students will explore the unit 'being successful' by writing about their plans for the future and looking at the world cup. Students will use s number of text handling exercises to develop notetaking and summary writing skills.
Students should be able to identify and explain the role and effects of supply and demand on the resourse and consumer markets.
 (English 9)
Students should be able to summarize the story of the main character in the novel touching spirit bear by Ben Mikaelsen.
 (Academy English)
Students will learn vocabulary related to success. Objective' The students should be able to use the vocabulary on the list to make sentances to be used in conversations.
AP Government
Continue learning about Voting and Elections.
AP US History
Learn about the National and Regional Growth of the United States.
US History
Learn about the Washington and Adams Administrations.
World History
Learn about Western Europe in the late Middle Ages.
(AP European History)
Soccer and field hockey team building training. Understanding of boxing combos.
 (Digit Arts)
Design Process. Define the problem. Generate Ideas or coming up with a useful concept.
 (AP Studio Arts)
Sustained Investigation. Design Project Large Scale Abstract Layers.
Paul F.
(AP Biology)
Review and do practices of past paper section 1 Multiple choice 1-60.
 (AP Chemistry)
New course of unit 16; Review do practices of pastpaper 2019; Experiment of making a battery.
Review chapter 2-10, and practices of some questions.
Equilibrium and review and solve some questions.
(Academy Science)
Finish chapter 11 and review chapter 11: sound.
 (Academy Math)
Finish chapter3 and have some review quizzes to consolidate the content related to function.
(Academy English Listening & Speaking)
Students will learn the unit 'being successful' by watching videos about successful persons. Students will use the critical sentences in the videos to give their own comments about the define of success, therefore they can improve the English listening and speaking level.