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Pegasus Week Plan (11.28-12.02)

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In this section, we will study the graphs of select polynomial and rational functions to identify their important features. This section aims to build a mathematical intuition about how a small class of 'convenient' functions behaves so that later we can see how calculus can be used to determine the behavior of arbitrary functions.
 (AP Computer Science)
Students will learn about the internet and how networks work. AP review questions. Students will learn about the impact of computing and complete a short case study.
 (Engineering Product Science )
Students will continue with Python Programming covering Iteration.。
(AP Calculus AB)
Unit 4 starts. Contextual Applications of Differentiation.
 (AP Statistics)
Introduction to Sampling Distributions.
 (AP Calculus BC)
Students will use tangent lines to approximate values near a point of tangency, find the error of approximation, and whether the value overestimates or underestimates.
(AP Economy)
Public goods and common resources; Common resources; Firm Behavior and the organization of industry; The costs of production; Average and marginal costs.
Properties of parallelograms; Conditions of parallelograms; Properties of special parallelograms.
(English 12)
Graphic memoirs help us reach a deeper understanding of the cultural, social, and historical contexts of a story by allowing the author to share their point of view in a multimodal format.
How do authors use genre (memoir, graphic novel) and point of view (first person) to comment on their cultural, social, and historical contexts?
How do language's form, structure, and style (graphic novel features) influence our point of view?
 (AP Language)
Structuring and organizing arguments. Managing transitions. Close reading. Free Response writing.
As a reader how can you identify a writer's position and the way that position is supported?
How can you use ideas from literature to support your ideas in an argument prompt?
 (Academy Reading & Writing)
Read and speak about fast food restaurants and answer short questions. Describe an idea for a new restaurant, know the language to use in an informal letter, write an informal letter about a restaurant visit. Complete a quiz.
Describe the major sources of income and expenditure for households. Summarize the seven roles of a government in an economy.
 (English 9)
To read aloud focusing on pronunciation and comprehension.
 (Academy English)
Concentrate on comprehension lessons and open forum free talk discussions and debates.
(English 10)
Of Mice and Men - Ch. 2
AP English)
Heart of Darkness - p. 13-25
 (English 11)
Animal Farm - Ch. 5-6.
AP Government
Students will finish learning about Political Parties.
AP US History / US History
Students will learn about the Revolutionary War.
World History
Students will finish learning about Ancient Rome.
(AP European History)
Explain the social and cultural impact of European colonial expansion and the development of trade networks. Explain the social and cultural impact of European colonial expansion and the development of trade networks.
Students are working on learning and playing field hockey, boxing basics, foundation of handball, football, archery, and basketball-relevant skills.
(Digit Arts)
Finishing the Longboard company design project; Students will learn and practice the design process and explore it through a simple five-step plan. Designers practice the design process in order to find solutions to the visual problems they take on. Students will be able to identify each step in the design process, understand the importance of each step, and implement them. 
 (AP Studio Arts)
Sustained Investigation. Design Project Large Scale Abstract Layers.
Paul F.
(AP Biology)
Chapter 46: Ecosystems; Chapter 47: The Biosphere.
 (AP Chemistry)
Unit 7: Chemical Kinetics; Unit 12: Thermochemistry.
Chapter 16: Reproduction in plants; Chapter 17: Reproduction in humans.
Unit 15: Industrial inorganic chemistry.
(Academy Science)
Review measuring motion and learning sound.
 (Academy Math)
Students are able to learn about the relationships, functions,writing and graphing functions.
 (Academy English Listening & Speaking)
Listen for main ideas about LISTENING 2; Students can understand surveys and use the present simple tense; Students can interview students for a survey and use prepositions to talk about when things happen.
(AP Chinese)  
Listen and read The new book last week mentioned and practice the speaking skill.