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Continue/ PCS Global Parent Association Keeps in Action

        Release Time:2022-10-27 20:45

Continue/ PCS Global Parent Association Keeps in Action

PCS Global Parent Association
, aiming to build a bridge among the parents of graduates, the school and students to communicate with each other, help students to figure out the future trends and plan for the future through the the school's overseas office, and help the alumni adapt to their overseas study and life more quickly and conveniently, has organized and carried out various activities since its establishment in August 2021, which has provided many really powerful help for PCS graduates and the development of the school.                                                                                                                                                                                 
The Original Intention of Establishing Global Parent Association
  •       Parents always worry about their travelling children, especially those who go abroad to pursue their study. Regarding that, an overseas PCS office can help parents understand their       children’s situation in the first place as a contact channel.
  •       With the advantages of the school, it provides convenience for students to study and live in the United States;
  •       To build a communication platform for the PCS graduates.No matter where the children are in the world, they can connect with each other through PCS Global Parent Association;
  •       To jointly maintain and develop Pegasus California School. Always remember: we are the masters of the school, and we should share the honor and disgrace with our school.

Make full use of PCS global resources


In September 2021, PCS Global Parent Association successfully organized the first overseas activity. Mr. Ma Zhenyi, the founder and CEO of Pegasus California School, went to University of California, Davis, to visit PCS alumni, listen to their voices, and solve problems they encountered together with the overseas office.
Since its establishment, PCS Global Parent Association has organized two innovative exchanges to help parents alleviate and overcome the anxiety caused by the separation with their children, and shared the successful experience of students in coping with various challenges in the process of studying abroad.

The association is committed to maintaining the image of the school, and actively participates in the school's marketing promotion. It has organized and carried out many “Mom-Sharing Meetings” activities with the school's marketing department
Functions and services of Global Parent Association
  • Promote and deepen a good and productive relationship between parents and schools;
  • Help the association members understand the school and surrounding environment where students are studying at the first time, and provide targeted services;
  • Participate in PCS school activities, such as charity fundraising, campus open days and other activities;
  • Establish partition modules for members’ children, and establish contacts to support the development and growth of PCS Overseas Student Union;
  • Establish a resource and information sharing platform to provide multi-dimensional resources and information for members’ children.

As a unique home-school organization, PCS Global Parent Association has not only strengthened the further communication between schools and parents, parents and parents, but also established a strong protection mechanism for PCS graduates to escort their overseas study trip! In the future, the association will continue to work with the school to make more contributions to the PCS students' life abroad and the school's reputation building!