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Pegasus Parent-Teacher Association

        Release Time:2022-10-24 09:25

      The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is set up to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between the school and the family in the student education work, continue to practice the family's understanding and supervision of the school work, actively contribute to the development of the school, and deepen the “trinity” democratic management system among the school, family and students. After years of growth, it has made great achievements in promoting the development of the school and the cultivation of students through participating the school management as an indispensable link between the school, students and families and one of the unique "business cards" of Pegasus California School.
The PTA is composed of the parent representatives of each grade aiming to supervise the school management, actively contribute to the development of the school, and create a more perfect teaching environment for Pegasus students together with school.

                                                                                             The 6th PTA established

Pegasus held the 6th general election and the first PTA meeting of this semester on the afternoon of September 25. At this meeting, the new PTA members were determined, and the work focus and direction in the new school year were set clearly. The new PTA will continue to unite all parents of students, further strengthen the relationship between families and schools, give full play to the role of parents in advising and supervising school education, and coordinate the relationship between schools and students and parents to create a bright future for children!