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Together for New Future/ General Election of the Parent-Teacher Association was Successfully Held!

        Release Time:2022-10-25 10:45

Together for New Future/ General Election of the Parent-Teacher Association was Successfully Held!

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is set up to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between the school and the family in the student education work, continue to practice the family's understanding and supervision of the school work, actively contribute to the development of the school, and deepen the “trinity” democratic management system among the school, family and students. After years of growth, it has made great achievements in promoting the development of the school and the cultivation of students through participating the school management as an indispensable link between the school, students and families and one of the unique "business cards" of Pegasus California School.

At the beginning of the new school year, the school held the 6th general election and the first PTA meeting of this semester on the afternoon of September 25. At this meeting, the new PTA members were determined, and the work focus and direction in the new school year were targeted. Mr. Ma Zhenyi, founder and CEO of the school, Operational headmaster: Ms. Gong, Academic headmaster: Mr. Szatynski, President of the Global Parent Association: Ms. Anne, and PTA parents' representatives attended the meeting.
After the parents' democratic voting, the 6th PTA members were elected as follows:
  Chairman: Mace’s father
  Vice chairmen: Rita’s mother, Andrew’s mother, Chloe’s mother, Emily’s mother, Maria’s mother.
  Members: Leo’s mother, Amy&Helen’s father, Nikki’s mother, Rebecca’s mother, Harry’s mother.

                                                                                                                            6th PTA established

  Mr. Szatynski presented the certificate and souvenir to Michael’s father, the 5th PTA chairman, and presented the honorary certificate to the parents’ representatives to thank them who had made positive contributions to the school relocation.


               Later, Ms. Gong issued letters of appointment to the new PTA members.

Mr. Ma Zhenyi, the founder and CEO of Pegasus California School, affirmed the PTA contributions and expressed sincere welcome and expectation to the new members. He said that the voice of parents is very important. The school has always attached importance to the opinions put forward by parents, and hopes that in the future, PTA can take advantage of its growing influence, shoulder its due responsibilities, actively cooperate with the school's work, and continue to promote the common development of the school and students.

Ms. Gong stressed the importance of close cooperation between family and school. She thanked the parents for letting the children choose Pegasus because of their high ideological level. She said that the school would provide children with an open and free learning environment and guide their all-round development. Ms. Gong sincerely hopes that the PTA members can pool their wisdom and cohesion to do a good job in family education, and at the same time, they can also make suggestions for the development of the school. The family-school cooperation will help students grow up healthily.

Ms. Annie, the chairman of the Global Parent Association, said that they would fully cooperate with the PTA in the development of school. The school has made many achievements and obtained many certifications this year, and has made great changes in operation management and student management. Mr. Ma's original intention and persistence in running a school encourage every parent to grow up. At the same time, it is this enthusiasm that makes the families work together with the school to achieve an unparalleled story.