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Teachers’ Time Contribute the sincere heart, cultivate analytic Talents,He is Paul McTaggart

        Release Time:2022-12-12 12:07

Hold the biggest patience, engage studentsto enjoy the class

Cultivate their critial thinking


From Paul McTaggart's education experience accumulated over the years, students' participation often plays a crucial role in the classroom and teaching results. By asking questions, discussing and other ways, we can ensure that students' attention can maintain a stable state of involvement in the classroom, so as to absorb and understand knowledge as much as possible.


You may think who is Paul McTaggart. Paul is an excellent foreign teacher who has been strictly selected by Qingdao Pegasus School, mainly responsible for teaching English and social sciences.






The first time we met was when shooting in class. Paul was like a gentle and wise elder. You can feel the easy-going and quiet atmosphere.


Paul's class is unique in that it is full of rigorous academic atmosphere as well as relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. This is closely related to his more than ten years of teaching experience and outstanding educational background.


After obtaining a master's degree from Kent University, a famous British university, Paul McTaggart immediately devoted himself to the field of international education. For nearly nine years, Paul has been at the forefront of the practice of education in China. By keeping close contact with students and parents, he has gradually developed a unique Chinese Western integrated education model.

Can you talk about your teaching philosophy?

What kind of courses do you think you teach?


At Bogus, I mainly teach English literature and writing, including English 11, English 12 and AP courses. English literature has an indescribable beauty. Every word and sentence is the embodiment of the author's thinking, and can reflect the various situations and vicissitudes of life in the social environment at that time.


As the saying goes, "If there are a thousand readers, there will be a thousand Hamlets". By cultivating students' ability to read and appreciate literature, they can gradually improve their English skills. But more importantly, let students personally experience the speculative thinking and practical significance expressed by literature, throw themselves into the world with a broader vision, and perceive life with critical thinking.


My teaching philosophy is the same as that of other foreign teachers in Qingdao Pegasus School. We must ensure that students devote themselves to the classroom, reading, discussing and answering questions. By observing students' enthusiasm for participation, I can accurately measure their interest in the classroom and their knowledge.


According to my years of experience in front line education, teaching and learning are interactive processes, and student participation often plays a crucial role in teaching results and final results. The domestic students are relatively weak in this respect. If the students do not fully express their ideas in the discussion, I will certainly stand beside them to listen and inquire to ensure that the students' attention remains stable and deep. This is what I said: "Every student must devote himself to the classroom wholeheartedly".


Paul is interacting with students

In the process of interaction, how do you think teachers and students can establish a relationship of mutual trust?


In the process of teaching and learning, it is particularly important to establish a relationship of mutual trust and communication with students. I follow the principle of "always make myself available to students". As I said, questioning and interaction are the only way to the palace of knowledge. Therefore, I strongly encourage students to ask questions. As long as they have a desire for knowledge, I will arrange time for answers in a timely manner.


Like other teachers in Pegasus, although I have traveled through many countries, my heart is still full of enthusiasm for education and infinite tolerance and understanding of curiosity. Whenever my students need guidance or help, I will always reserve time for them to fulfill the responsibilities as a teacher.

Paul often tutors students after class


I never treat any student with a critical attitude. Even if their ideas are not accurate or mature sometimes, I still encourage them to express their own views.


Questioning and changing are inevitable links in the process of knowledge acquisition. As teachers, we should not criticize their answers and attempts, but should pass on encouragement and recognition to every diligent student.


The second time we met Paul, he was using his office hour to help students. I have to admit that the scene at that time was very warm. You can even feel Paul's sincere patience and responsibility to students as an excellent educator.

Last time you mentioned "always available for students", which is a good example. Can you tell us in detail?


Yes, this student was absent from class because of physical reasons. I proposed to use the office hour to give her extracurricular tutoring.


Following the culture of pure American education lineage requires us to measure students' academic level from a comprehensive and objective perspective. The school does not just focus on mid-term or final results, but requires students to devote themselves to learning in every class. Therefore, in order to keep up with the class progress as soon as possible, she and I have invested a lot of time and energy to participate in after-class tutoring.


There is an old saying in China that education is preaching, teaching and dispelling doubts. What is more emphasized in the teaching process in the United States/Britain?


Under the influence of the British and American education system, we emphasize that "knowledge acquisition is a complete process". As the main body in the process of absorbing knowledge, students should have the ability to think independently.


Therefore, in the teaching process at Pegasus, I pay more attention to cultivating students' critical thinking ability, as well as their confidence and courage in independent thinking. I hope that they can face any unknown academic challenges in the future, and can lead to the truth through their own methods.

Paul is interacting with students


Are there any cultural conflicts or barriers in your course teaching and student management?


For most Chinese students, the more common pattern is that the teacher gives the answer, and the students obtain the known theory through repeated memory and recitation.


However, as I said before, raising and solving problems are just the links that cannot be ignored in the palace of truth. I very much encourage students to ask questions, correctly recognize the deficiencies in the field of self knowledge, ask questions and get answers through thinking and trying, so as to capture the fun and sense of achievement of learning to the maximum extent. Such a way of exploration can often mobilize students' desire for knowledge.


What can you be proud of for your students to share with us?


Of course, even looking back on my more than ten years of teaching career, the Pegasus students are still amazing. Sometimes I think that students may not be able to fully grasp the knowledge, but their academic performance has greatly exceeded my expectations. As a teacher, I am also proud to be able to impart knowledge and skills to such students.


At the same time, I hope that every Pegasus student can dare to break through the comfort zone by themselves. In the future, every time they face the challenges of their academic career, even if they are not good at it, they can still show an independent and tenacious attitude in the face of difficulties and tell the world how amazing the Pegasus students are.