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Teachers’ Time Insist on English-only Environment, Pursue Dreams with Unique Talents

        Release Time:2022-12-12 11:31

In 2022, Qingdao Pegasus School achieved a remarkable record of 100% of graduates being admitted by world famous schools. Of course, we are not only admission oriented, but also the realization of every student's dream road behind it.
Recently, we invited Steven Szatynski, the academic headmaster of Qingdao Pegasus School, to tell us the efforts and stories behind the admission result.
As a senior education expert in psychology, President Steven has more than ten years of teaching and management experience in international schools in China, and is a “Chinese expert”. Steven is familiar with the physical and mental development needs of Chinese students at this stage. He has made a perfect integration of Chinese and Western education concepts, which is to build every Chinese student into an international talent with self drive.
President Steven has his own unique views on international education. The following is a transcript of the interview.
Could you give a brief introduction to the teaching team of Pegasus? What are the characteristics and highlights of the teachers here?
The biggest highlight of the Pegasus faculty is our consistent foreign teacher policy. Our teachers teach in native English, which can continuously create an "authentic" English learning environment for Chinese students and quickly improve their English level. As the only school in Qingdao where all foreign teachers teach, our superior teaching strength and heritage even exceed many well-known high schools in the United States.
More in-depth, such as our music teacher, to be exact, he is not only a music teacher, but also a musician. His artistic attainments and pursuit of music are far beyond the standards of a music teacher. Just like this, every Pegasus teacher is an expert or scholar in his own field. We believe that only a teacher who has made achievements in the field he specializes in can show that he has enough love for this major. Only true love can stimulate students' greatest enthusiasm for learning.

Another example is our engineering teacher Vernon Peens, who graduated from Northwestern University, and is one of the “heroes” of Pegasus engineering course since it started after he joined the school. In particular, the learning of 3D, laser and other courses greatly gets rid of the tedium and boredom in learning, and stimulates the students' sense of fun in independent learning and curiosity to explore the world.

In addition, we also hope that every teacher will maintain a lasting and enthusiastic commitment to teaching. Teachers should first experience the inspiration of "Be inspired" to find their favorite careers before conducting their classes. Only by personally experiencing the beauty and thorns of overheated love and walking through the fog, can they teach students the meaning of love through words and deeds.
Why does Pegasus always insist on foreign teachers?

Sometimes people ask me this question. If we can relax the standards for teachers a little, we can use a lower cost and simpler recruitment process to choose local teachers. But what's the significance of that? For Pegasus, adhering to pure international courses is the foundation of the school, and I always adhere to the idea that "education is never a convenient thing".
Our students, in particular, may go abroad to further their studies after several years of study. With such lofty hopes, they need to learn to live in harmony with different cultures and partners in the world.
However, the discomfort of cultural differences may be huge for those who come into contact for the first time, which is one of the reasons why we adhere to the whole foreign teachers. I hope that our students can adapt to foreign culture as early as possible under the influence of the campus culture of all foreign teachers at Pegasus, and eliminate unnecessary obstacles for their long learning career in the future.
What are the criteria for selecting teachers?
Do teachers have rich teaching experience, or have they taught in top schools? We believe that this is the basic - in order to maintain the highest standard of teaching quality, each of our teachers usually have to stand out from more than 10 candidates through layer by layer selection.

But the most important thing is that our teachers should clearly know the purpose of education - to impart knowledge and skills to students. No matter whether the student is good at self-study or still has difficulties in language that need our help, teachers can stimulate the students' concentration through skillful teaching methods and teaching according to the materials, so that every student can retain enthusiasm and interest in a long learning career.
As long as students' interests are aroused, no matter what their achievements are in a short time, they will maintain a lasting love for learning and lay a foundation for their future learning career.
Pegasus always adheres to the cultivation concept of "Be Inspired". Can you talk about it briefly?
Each child is a unique seed. We do not require them to be trimmed neatly like trees on the road. On the contrary, we hope that children can gradually find their own growth way.
In the long career and life, there may be many obstacles and retreats in front of us. We encourage students to find their own "uniqueness" as soon as possible, so that they can maintain their firm determination and pursuit in the face of difficulties and difficulties, which is why we adhere to "Be inspired".
In the process of constantly building professional skills and self-confidence, children do not need to follow the expectations of the general public, but more to find their own way, and become irreplaceable values in their unique talents, which is the meaning of our education.