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Pegasus Founder Attends APEC Summit

        Release Time:2023-12-07 08:12

From November 15th to 18th, President Xi Jinping of China and President Biden of the United States held a meeting in San Francisco, USA. This marked the first in-person meeting between the top leaders of China and the United States on U.S. soil since April 2017, attracting global attention.

The first-ever Chinese-American female treasurer in California, Ms. Fiona Ma, who visited Pegasus California School in September, warmly welcomed President Xi's visit to San Francisco at the APEC dinner. Mr. Ma Zhenyi, a member of the University of California Board of Trustees and the founder of Pegasus California School, attended the APEC summit as a distinguished leader and participated in a joint welcome banquet hosted by American friendly organizations.

The recent meeting between the leaders of China and the United States sends a clear signal — communication between the two nations is a necessity of the times and a prevailing trend. Choosing California, the largest state economy in the U.S. and the world's fourth-largest economy, as the venue for the meeting also reflects the political and economic significance of California.

Ms. Fiona Ma, the California State Treasurer, who has been dedicated to strengthening Sino-U.S. relations, is also highly supportive of the education sector. She expressed that California boasts some of the world's best educational resources, and she is more than willing to support educators with a vision to promote California's education globally.

During her visit to Pegasus, Ms. Fiona Ma openly stated, “Pegasus students, by understanding California's curriculum and familiarizing themselves with American culture and social norms, have a greater chance of success in university applications. If any of you (Pegasus students) are interested in interning in California, feel free to reach out to me anytime. I am more than willing to provide internship and employment opportunities for Pegasus students.

So, why is Pegasus California School highly recognized by Ms. Fiona Ma?

The answer lies in Pegasus California School maximizing the renowned 'California-style Education' to its fullest extent. As the only school in China authorized by the then California Secretary of Education, since its establishment in 2016, it has brought a fresh vitality to the promotion of California's educational resources and exchanges between China and the United States.

Pegasus is Qingdao's only school with an all-foreign teaching staff, an all-English teaching environment, and an educational philosophy centered on 'unleashing the potential of every child.' With the original California high school A-G curriculum plus AP courses, Pegasus School offers an authentic American high school system in terms of language environment, curriculum structure, teaching philosophy, and student management system.

In addition, Mr. Ma Zhenyi, the founder of Pegasus, has consistently emphasized that the school aims not only to cultivate top academic performers judged solely by admission results but to be a 'dream factory.' Pegasus places a greater emphasis on holistic and lifelong development—helping each student clarify their life dreams and directions while nurturing their ability to pursue those dreams.

With over 1500 acceptance letters from prestigious universities, spanning popular STEM disciplines, business, social sciences, music, fine arts, film production, and various other majors, behind each impressive admission result is the joy of souls realizing their dreams.

This core philosophy aligns seamlessly with the essential spirit of American education and is the fundamental reason why Pegasus is widely recognized by both American society and the academic community.

Mr. Ma Zhenyi's educational philosophy has led to Pegasus achieving 'miraculous' admissions year after year—100% of the Class of 2019 admitted to universities ranked in the top 85 nationwide, the Class of 2020 to the top 90, the Class of 2021 to the top 63, and the Classes of 2022 and 2023 to the top 100 globally. This outstanding 'record' of 100% admission to the top 100 U.S. universities highlights the success of Pegasus graduates.

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