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Provincial and municipal leaders met with California Treasurer Fiona

        Release Time:2023-09-14 09:58

On the morning of September 9, Vice Governor Deng Yunfeng and other provincial and municipal leaders met with California Treasurer Fiona and related personnel from Qingdao Pegasus School in the Shangri-La VIP Room. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on strengthening Sino-US economy, culture, and education.

Ms. Fiona, Treasurer of California, USA, specifically came to Qingdao to inspect Qingdao Pegasus School, the only international school authorized by the California Minister of Education to be opened in mainland China. She hoped that the school would develop healthily and highlight California education characteristics, would cultivate students' independent and innovative spirits, and enable students to develop a global education concept of exploring the world.
Vice Governor Deng Yunfeng introduced the history, culture and economic development status of Shandong in detail to Ms. Fiona. He said that Shandong Province is China's largest economic, cultural and educational province and the birthplace of Chinese civilization.

Since the reform and opening up, Shandong has made great progress in all aspects. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that "diplomatic relations between countries depend on the affinity between people, and the affinity between people lies in the connection of hearts." He hopes that Shandong and California will carry out more extensive exchanges and cooperation in various fields in the future. He also hopes that through the strong bond of Pegasus School, the two sides can build a more comprehensive relationship.

Ms. Fiona expressed her gratitude to the officials of the Shandong Provincial Government for their warm reception. She said that as an ethnic Chinese, she has been committed to the development and protection of the rights and interests of Chinese in the United States, and worked hard to promote economic and trade exchanges and friendly cooperation between the two sides. Fiona hopes that the development of Qingdao Pegasus School will receive more support from the local government, highlight the unique aspects of American education, and help more and more Chinese students visit and study in the United States.

The host and guest exchanged gifts.

Founded in 2016, Pegasus School introduces a complete education model from California. It is a full-time boarding American-style high school, and has cultivated 5 sessions of graduates,  received more than 1,500 admission offers from universities around the world. 100% of the students are admitted to the top 100 universities in the world, and 25% are admitted to the top 10 universities in the world. Pegasus School adheres to the concept of “be inspired” and is committed to stimulating the potential of each student and cultivating students to become successful global citizens. "Authentic California Education" has become a feature that attracts many international students.

Accompanying Vice Governor Deng Yunfeng at the meeting were: Liu Sijie, Deputy Director of the General Office of the Provincial Government, Zhao Yan, Deputy Mayor of Qingdao, Ma Jun, Secondary Inspector of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Jiang Yuanshao, Director of Education Bureau of Qingdao, Pan Feng, Director of Culture and Tourism Bureau of Qingdao, and Zhen Zhu, Deputy Director of the Qingdao Foreign Affairs Office. Mr. Ma Zhenyi, the founder of Qingdao Pegasus School, and other school officials also joined the meeting.