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Reflect for Moving Forward Better --Orientation for New Semester

        Release Time:2023-09-04 08:10

The vigorous vitality in midsummer always symbolizes a kind of hope. In the new school year, teachers are always delighted to welcome every new and growing face.

While delighted, we also keep the educational rigor and rationality, and know that the professional ability and cooperative spirit of the teacher team are crucial to the education effectiveness.

From August 21st to 25th, before the start of the new semester, Qingdao Pegasus School organized a one-week professional training for all faculty and staff.

1、A meeting for all teachers was held on August 21, kicking off the intensive preparations for the new semester.
Jane, Operational Principal, Gave a speech:

As an authentic American school established for eight years, Pegasus adheres to the school-running philosophy of American high schools. As educators, we must deeply understand the cultural core of international education and always keep in mind what our original intention and mission are. In the process of work, we must constantly reflect, constantly improve, and constantly innovate. Through the efforts of each of us, we will jointly contribute to the growth of Pegasus from the perspective of stimulating potential and paying attention to lifelong education.

Mr. Matthew, Academic Principal, gave a speech:

Mr. Matthew expressed his affirmation of the contribution of the teaching team in the past year. As the only school in Qingdao that insists on all-foreign teaching and an "English Only" campus environment, teacher selection and teaching quality have always been our foundation. It is hoped that the foreign teaching team will continue to improve the teaching level and quality and build a high-quality "education castle" for students.

A group of new foreign teachers from Princeton University, Brown University, New York University, University of Sydney, etc. have further strengthened the strength of the academic team and will further improve the teaching level.
Under the leadership of Mr. Matthew, the foreign teaching team gathered together to plan and adjust the syllabus and course plan for this semester, and conducted in-depth discussions on the teaching methods of international courses and problems existing in the daily teaching process.

College Counseling Center, Student Management Dept., and Academic Admin participated in the meeting together. The faculty team with various cultural backgrounds and teaching qualifications shared their different views from the international situation, American education culture, student management, and teaching experience exchange, providing suggestions for the intensive research of American education and school development.

In the future, Pegasus will continue to use the four-in-one academic model to strengthen the communication and cooperation between various departments, and escort students to enter world famous schools.
All faculty and staff also jointly studied the interview with Fiona, the California Treasure, and the speech "Planning the Road to Studying in the U.S." by Mr. Ma Zhenyi, the founder of Pegasus, to understand the first-hand international education information epitomized by California, the largest state in the United States, and follow The trend of the times, update the concept of education.

3、Exploration never stops, and the pursuit of teaching and educating people never changes. Pegasus will continue to grind, innovate, break through the boundaries of education, and send Pegasus students to a bigger stage in the world!