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joan Wu

AP Psychology Teacher
BA - Psychology ; Communication -Ohio State University
MA - Social work -New York University

Joan is a passionate and dedicated AP Psychology teacher, aiming to inspire students through the fascinating world of psychology. With her knowledge and love for the subject, she creates a stimulating and engaging learning environment for students to explore the complexities of the human mind.
Joan has consistently employed innovative teaching methods to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment. She promotes critical thinking, encourages students to question assumptions, and facilitates insightful class discussions. She ensures students actively engage with the subject by incorporating multimedia resources, interactive projects, and hands-on experiments.
Beyond the classroom, Joan is committed to fostering students’ personal growth and well-being. She serves as a mentor, providing guidance and support to students, both academically and emotionally.
Joan empowers students to develop a deep understanding of psychology through her dedication and enthusiasm, preparing them for the AP Psychology exam and beyond. Focusing on critical thinking, empathy, and self-reflection, she instills in students a lifelong love for learning and an appreciation for the complexities of the human mind.


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