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Special Clips of Pegasus “Halloween” Activities

        Release Time:2020-10-30 08:45


Happy Halloween

Trick or treat, Pumpkin Carving Decoration, Halloween Themed Mini Games, Board Game、 Fitting Up Haunted houses, Playing Horror Movies, Evening Gala Performance, Buddy…on Oct. 29, Pegasus ushered in the annual happy thriller Halloween special event. 
As the event approached, many students began to prepare early: try on clothes, dress up, decorate classrooms, do rehearsals, busy and happy. With the early preparation and careful planning, Halloween activities lasted from 2:30 p.m. to nearly 10:00 p.m. Under the leadership of the teachers, the students' imagination and enthusiasm for personal talent have been perfectly displayed ~ high energy throughout the whole process! Let's look at Pegasus fantastic, wonderful and joyous Halloween Day"!

Trick or Treat
- Chapter 1 -

At 2:30 p.m, the ancient Celtic Halloween event "trick or treat" was staged at Pegasus. "trick or treat ", slowly opened the" Halloween Day" curtain. But unlike the usual children knocking on their neighbors' doors, this time the protagonist was Pegasus students, who had to go into the subject teacher's classroom to ask for candy, but is candy really so easy to get? Naughty "imp" is approaching you. First, they need to pass the teacher's games one by one...


Pumpkin lantern carving
- Chapter 2 -

Pumpkin lanterns originated in ancient Ireland. The legend says that a man named Jack is a drunk and fond of mischief. On the day of Halloween, he set up a trap to trap the devil in a tree, he did not allow the devil to come down until the devil promised never to let him live in the hell. After Jack died, his soul could neither go to heaven nor go to hell, so his dead soul could only wander around with lanterns. Therefore, how can Halloween activities go without "pumpkin lanterns" to embellish, but when it comes to making pumpkin lanterns, which is a technical work. Students are handy and good looking. Then let’s say no more and come to have a look at students’ "big production" !

Preparations for the Haunted Houses
- Chapter 3-

As for the last vote, presumably everyone has learned about those "lucky" classrooms. As the saying goes, unless the end of the world can stop Pegasus students from having ideas on a whim (making a try) , why say so? Just look at the photos below…


The students seem to be very satisfied with the classroom they have decorated, put on the "matching" clothes with a bright smile on their faces. The tension atmosphere of the decorated classrooms suddenly became relaxing and pleasant 


Halloween Evening Gala
- Chapter 4 -

As the night fell, the Halloween party held in the main hall on the first floor of the academic building brought the day to a climax. Twelve different types of performances done by many students from different grades made the whole Pegasus campus a sea of joy. At the beginning, students dressed in "strange clothes" gathered together and even the teachers who are normally low-key have been dressed up, which makes an impression. The three different types of Rock and Roll by Universal Cow Band commemorates the youthful four years at Pegasus; when "How you like that Pretty Savage" dancing background music rings, the ebullient moves seem to be the announcement of the students to the world :" my youth is up to me !" The melody of a piano solo in the "Flower Fire Conference" is flowing in the heart of every Pegasus member, quiet and beautiful, who can’t help smiling; then the songs by the Back Home Band, Desperado Band, other bands and students brought the scene into a time and space mixed with too much emotion and memory. The happy, sad, longing, confused, caring, regretful things and stuff in the youth ——, the thinking and perception of life, friendship, love all resonated and gratified with the notes, the song and everyone present... 


The enthusiasm of Halloween gradually faded, students will also be engrossed in their studies as usual. Hope that next time students see the night of Pegasus when students are studying under the light in the corner of the desk with the sound of a ballpoint pen across the paper, and silently tell yourself to make a good plan for each day in the future, conscientiously complete every study task and be an excellent Pegasus student. A short piece of article can’t include all the beautiful moments and activities of Pegasus Halloween Day, and the activities of this day can also be called fast-moving and a splendid show and there's too much time to elaborate. But as a supplement, the "titbits" absolutely have what is out of your expectation ~!