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【Pegasus Activity】Pegasus Basketabll Team Versus Southland Basketball Team

        Release Time:2017-04-29 11:25

        The sun shone brightly last Thursday as Southland and Pegasus basketball teams competed for the first time. The competition was proposed by the Southland basketball team, which aims to strengthen interscholastic communication, promote socialization, and of course, contribute to physical fitness. The big title of championship was won by the Southland boys, but Pegasus boys were happy with their overall performance considering the youth of the program.

        "We have to keep control of the game and not let foul calls or missed shots deter our attitude," Mr. Owen, Pegasus headmaster emphasized that above all is participation. It's about working together for a common goal and learning values that will be beneficial later in life.

        During the half-time, Pegasus’ enthusiastic dancers brought their highest performance to our audience.

        Not everything was perfect, of course. It never is in the sports world. Go Pegasus! We are looking forward to our next game!