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Pegasus won the award of "2020 Reputation Influential International School "at Sina Education Grand Ceremony

        Release Time:2020-12-01 15:11

On Nov. 26, 2020, the "Power of Education 2020" China Education Grand Ceremony, i.e., the 20th Anniversary of Sina Education was held in Beijing. Pegasus California School attended the event as an educational brand nominated for the award and won the "2020 Reputation Influential International School” award. Ms. Echo Wang, Operation headmaster of PCS, attended the ceremony and received the award.
As far as we know, Sina Education Grand Ceremony has been successfully held 13 times, which has become the annual top event of Chinese education with a wide range of coverage in the industry and great social influence. In recognition of the outstanding contributions of individuals and institutions in various fields of the education industry, at each grand ceremony the network reputation, media credibility and hardware strength of the participating institutions will be comprehensively judged and present the most authoritative and credible awards to the public.
With the theme of "the power of education ", the ceremony of this year focuses on [Under the 2020 pandemic, New Thoughts on Education][high-quality education system][educational reform ][ quality education] and more than 500 guests, including government leaders, domestic and foreign authoritative education experts, well-known university representatives, new media leaders, officials of embassies and cultural and educational associations, heads of well-known educational institutions, frontline cross-border stars and representatives of educational public welfare projects are invited, motivating the educational power, making the role models shining and witnessing a new chapter in the development of education in China.
Since its establishment in 2016, Pegasus California School has successfully helped graduates to obtain admission to Vanderbilt University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California, Los Angeles, Nanga University and other famous universities with a 100% placement of the graduates in the universities. "2020 Reputation Influential International School "title is based on the comprehensive assessment of placement of graduates in the universities, teaching quality and other indicators by hundreds of experts and thousands of Internet users’ votes. Echo Wang, Operation Headmaster of PCS took an exclusive interview by Sina. The following is an interview with Echo Wang, Operation Headmaster of PCS.
First of all, Headmaster Wang shared with us the feeling of Pegasus winning the award and what has been achieved in 2020.
Pegasus has proved that studying abroad “at home” is not an empty word.
First of all, thank you for your attention to Sina Education Ceremony, your continuous attention and support to PCS. It is the result of the joint efforts of the teachers and students of the whole school to win the honor of "2020 Reputation Influential International School ", which attributes to Pegasus students who have been working hard and enterprising, all the dedicated teachers and all the parents who love us deeply.
The year of 2020 starts with a disaster, which let us see the great love of the world and also learn to awe the nature and life. For the international education industry, the year of 2020 is even more devastating. But I always think that opportunities and challenges exist in the meantime: the outbreak of pandemic resulted in the suspension of classes. Pegasus adjusted the teaching way in time, transferring from offline to online and completes the teaching task with quality and quantity. Our students have proved once again that our students have super ability of self-control and adaptability; when the pandemic ended, many of the students who returned from American, British and Canadian high schools chose to study at Pegasus, the natural transfer of credit and the seamless connection of teaching content and methods. Pegasus once again proved our original education with facts and studying at home is not an empty word. So the biggest gain for Pegasus in 2020 is the recognition from parents, students, the media and the same industry.
Under the influence of the pandemic situation, the development trend of the normalization of online courses and how to better combine online and offline teaching, Echo Wang expressed his own views.
Good teaching interaction can not only teach students knowledge, but also help students to form correct three outlooks and sense of what is right and wrong.
The objective existence of the pandemic situation makes the "online teaching" become the mainstream in the first half of this year. In the special period, the urgent needs are solved and the advantages are obvious, but the disadvantages are also very prominent: the most obvious is that the students are not active and easy to be absent-minded. There was a "false learning" phenomenon. But it is indisputable that with the development and progress of the society, online education will become an insurmountable link in the way of education, so some people say that in the post-pandemic era, the highest level of education is the integration of online teaching and offline teaching.
So how to integrate the two ways? I personally think the best way is that educational resources and quality educational content can be shared through online teaching, learn from each other, check and fill the gaps and help teachers and learners grow faster. But the teaching service must be carried out offline. Teachers need to teach the teaching content face to face and teach students the learning contents and learning methods through the good interaction of teaching and learning. Students can have an understanding of worldly wisdom through the interaction and communication between students,, set up a correct three outlooks and sense of what is right and wrong so as to achieve a better educational purpose.
Speaking of the growing number of families who accept international education ideas, Echo Wang gave her advice on how parents choose a suitable international school.
From what dimensions to choose an international school suitable for themselves? 
First of all, we should know as much as possible about the educational characteristics and educational resources of different countries, so as to determine the target countries for students and parents. Second, determine their target college or major according to the interests of students. Thirdly, be able to basically determine to go to which international school according to the target country and the target university. For example, Pegasus is an international high school which focuses on educating students to study in the U.S, but the educational resources target the world's top universities.
Finally, you can learn about the operations of the school via the school Official WeChat Platform, Open House (the last Open House of 2020 will be held on December 20. Welcome to sign up for it ~~), graduate placement results and the comments of students and parents so as to determine whether the school is a regular one. Is the curriculum system complete? Is there a strong educational resource and background? Can the school be helpful in your child's future? After thinking about all above factors, parents can naturally find a desirable and suitable school for their kid!
Finally, Headmaster Echo Wang briefly introduced Pegasus operational experience and the plan for the new year.
Pegasus will never forget why the school was created.
As a pure international high school, we never forget why we started, that is, to introduce the best quality and original educational resources into China and offer the chance of studying at home without going abroad. Introduce the original California high school curricula and teaching contents, which are all taught by foreign teachers. Implement the separation of academics and operations and strive to create an "English only" teaching environment, various clubs and extracurricular activities...... With the most professional and cutting-edge educational concept, Pegasus are educating the future elite talents with international vision and passion for the motherland.
In the new year, all Pegasus members will never forget why we started, introduce Pegasus education to more parents eager to find quality educational resources so that more people know well about Pegasus and more people enter Pegasus. Help more children go to the world's famous universities! Thank you!