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Admission News/ 8 OFFERS FROM UC, DAVIS

        Release Time:2023-04-18 09:27

In recent days, various branches of the University of California, known as the "model of public higher education" and the most influential public university system in the world, have begun to release admission offers.
The University of California, Davis, one of the top tier 1 (highest level) public universities in the United States has amazingly sent up to 8 offers to Pegasus students: JL, KL, LG, RTZL, HZ, CP, and ZH!
In just a few years, Pegasus has received nearly 100 offers from UCD, with an admission rate far exceeding the international average, and is firmly ranked first in the application for UC system in Qingdao!

University of California, Davis: No.38 in the United States in 2023 USNews

The University of California, Davis, is part of the famous University of California system and is a world-class research university. As a member of the American Association of Universities (AAU) and the Pacific Rim University Alliance, the university is also known as a "public Ivy League" school, and is one of the top public universities in Tier-1 (the highest level) in the United States.

UC Davis has four colleges, namely, the School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the School of Biological Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the School of Arts and Sciences, which enroll undergraduate students. Among them, agronomy, animal and plant science, and veterinary science rank first in the United States all year round, while biology, psychology, economics, and other majors remain in the top 30 in the United States all year round. It is a world-class research and education center for the sustainable development of veterinary medicine, the environment, language, agriculture, and economy in the world.