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Create An English-Only Campus, Chinese Staff Learning English!

        Release Time:2022-12-12 11:25



Qingdao Pegasus School, named after the God of Hope-Pegasus, insisting English-only immersive educational mode, aims to help students to fly to their desirable and bright future.



In order to implement the "English Only" policy on campus, starting this week, Pegasus will regularly organize Chinese staff to study to further ensure the English communication between staff and students to create an ideal language environment.


In the first class, the teacher Barry introduced the basic fundamentals of learning English and imparted some daily learning skills.


For example, through the accumulation of input items such as listening and reading, we can promote quantitative change to qualitative change, and gradually improve the ability of speaking and practical application.

At the same time, it is recommended to insist on more communication with foreign teachers and students, not only to keep abreast of student dynamics, but also to improve the use and fluency of English through continuous practice, and gradually move closer to foreign pure pronunciation and intonation.



Through Barry's introduction, teachers have a clear idea of English culture and learning. Afterwards Teacher Joy led us to practice daily English expressions.


The clear sound of reading in the classroom and the English exchange and dialogue in succession tell people our persistence and efforts to immerse ourselves in the English environment and play the wonderful English movement on the Pegasus campus.


Learning Notes:


Pisces-Admin Dept.


The lectures of Barry and Joy aroused my memory of English learning experience. After graduation from school, I seldom learned English systematically. This activity made me feel like a student again, which was very interesting.

Amy-Marketing Dept.


My English is a little inferior to other teachers in the school. I usually don't dare to speak in public. This time, I can learn and practice on site, which is more practical.


Anna-Activity Teacher


My work gives me more contact with foreign teachers and students, and I can also see the school's adherence to the all English education environment. Through regular and continuous learning, we will constantly improve our English level, and our English communication at work will be much easier.


The English communication and education environment is the foundation of Qingdao Pegasus School, and also a protective wall that we have worked hard to build for our students. Through the extensive immersion in English environment, the real environment of studying abroad will be simulated to cultivate students' awareness of cultural adaptation as soon as possible, and eliminate unnecessary obstacles for their long-term learning career in the future.



Meanwhile, in order to help students better adapt to the foreign environment, Pegasus has also established a global home school alliance to help solve the problems children may encounter abroad.


All kinds of efforts are Pegasuss foresight on studying abroad from years of experience, our commitment and responsibility to students and parents, and the value as well as significance of the existence of Qingdao Pegasus School!