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Breaking News! PCS is accredited by Cognia, the World's Largest International School Accreditation Agency!

        Release Time:2022-10-24 15:08

Recently, Cognia, the world's largest non-profit international education accreditation agency, officially announced that Qingdao Pegasus California School had passed Cognia evaluation with high scores! This is another milestone moment for Pegasus after being certified by IEE, WES, SpanTran and other authorities!



Adhering to the educational concept of "Be Inspired", Pegasus California School always takes the practice of authentic international courses as the teaching foundation. In October last year, the school moved into the evaluation step and won the certificate of accreditaion at the end of June this year, which only took 8 months (it usually takes more than 1 year for Cognia to evaluate Chinese international schools), showing that Pegasus has reached frontier standards of international education in teaching quality, evaluation and improvement, student participation, school culture, learning environment, information data, teaching management, school daily running, and adminisrative management, et.

In addition, with the improvement of international recognition of the school, when Pegasus students apply for top overseas universities, their transcripts and diplomas will become more valuable and acceptable.

As the world's largest non-profit international school accreditation agency, Cognia currently serves 85 countries, more than 36000 schools, nearly 25 million students and 5 million educators. Among the six major school authority certification management associations in the United States, there are 3 that will certify the schools obtaining Cognia accreditation, which are the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities (NCA CASI), the South Association of Colleges and Universities (SACS CASI) and the Northwest Association of Colleges and Universities (NWAC).

Cognia evaluation involves an all-round investigation on the school, focusing on the three dimensions: leadership, learning and resources, and comprehensively evaluate the school according to 60 standards such as teaching philosophy, curriculum, teacher team, teaching management and operation management, to provide professional and fair evaluation results.


The evaluation stages include:

① Application and preliminary preparation review

② Internal review

③ In depth review(on-site or online)

Focus on the substantial progress made by schools to be certified in the past year

④ Later-stage review

Cognia looks through the review results of the previous stage and publishes the accreditation results.


Significance of obtaining Cognia Accreditation

If a school can pass the Cognia evaluation, it means that the school has met the standards of international education standards and development trends in all aspects as one of the world's best international schools.

International schools obtaining the Cognia certificate of accreditation will have a holistic improvement in global recognition. For the school, a huge influence will emerge in graduates applying for overseas universities in the future, absorbing first-class educational talents, and cooperating with other schools around the world.


Advantages of obtaining Cognia Accreditation

Diploma endorsement: For schools accredited by Cognia, their students' transcripts can be stamped and endorsed by Cognia agency with much higher reconition among the universities in the world.

High social recognition: schools accredited by Cognia will stand out among all the schools with higher social recognition.

Continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence: Schools accredited by Cognia will receive regular supervision and guidance from Cognia agency for continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence.

Recognition among schools: For students studying in Cognia accredited schools, such as those who transfer to overseas schools or international schools halfway, their previous transcripts and performance will be saved anf effective with less other requirements or chances to retake the courses.

Obtaining Cognia's certificate of accreditation is not just an unilateral effort of the school, but also requires the joint efforts of the school, students and parents. We are grateful to every faculty member, student, alumnus and parents of Pegasus, as well as friends from the society who have been paying attention to and supporting the development of the school.

Obtaining the certificate is not an end, but a fresh starting point instead. As always, Pegasus California School will adhere to the original running intention, constantly strive to improve the teaching quality, and provide more high-quality educational resources and higher education paths for Chinese students.