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China's Best Secondary school Rankings were released at Pegasus is rated fourth in Shandong Province (The top three are all public schools)!

        Release Time:2020-11-24 17:50

This is the fifth time that has released the year's best secondary school rankings with 334 international schools / international sections on the list, an increase of 26 percent over 265 schools on the 2019 list. 
Since 2019, there is no fixed number of schools on the list, but schools that meet the criteria of more than 15 graduates will be included in the evaluation form. 
It should be noted that running full-time schools with training qualifications is the current way of international education. It is appropriate for schools to make a division of this type of school, the standard of division lies in the location and characteristics of the school itself. That is to say, the school is an independent school or a training school. Schools that are only affiliated with training schools serve as special services of training schools are not regarded as international schools and are not included in the listed schools. 
The list by focuses on the application results as a quantitative analysis, mainly considering that the application results are not denied in the education circle, which is relatively easy to compare and evaluate. What are the differences between the United States and Commonwealth countries in admissions standards and methods and how to convert and compare? interviewed about 3000 students nationwide who have received offers from world famous schools in five years. The conversion and comparison of universities in different countries are analyzed through the results of students applying to different countries. On this basis, the universities in different countries have been graded. Please refer to the description of ranking list making method at

Pegasus was ranked fourth in Shandong Province, Up Five Places Official Comments

Founded in 2016, Pegasus California School is an international school in China. Pegasus has been noticed by since 2019.
As a third-party independent evaluation organization based on big data analysis, it has been five years to make the list of the best secondary schools in China. Pegasus was ranked 66th in 2019 with the results of the first graduate application. Refresh what we have always believed that Shandong best schools used to be the traditional famous schools, such as Shandong Shengshi School, Jiwai School, Qingdao No .2 High School, etc. Pegasus rose to 61th nationwide as a dark horse. The provincial ranking closely followed Jiwai School, Qingdao No .2 High School and Shandong Shengshi School. 
Nearly 30 percent of Pegasus graduates have been admitted to U.S. top 30 in the past two years. 100 percent of the graduates have been admitted to U.S. top 90. Last year, Pegasus graduates were admitted to Vanderbilt University, Carnegie Mellon University, UCLA, South California University and other famous universities. As an international school, it is not easy to have such achievements in a short period of time!

Top90 of 2020 Rankings
 More than 300 schools are on the list, covering a wider range
 The classification of universities is more detailed, the assessment is scientific and reasonable
 University conversion is more practical, data is used for support


Note: International schools/international departments with fewer than 15 graduates in the 2020 class are not involved in the assessment; 
Purely foreign schools are not involved in the assessment; 
International schools/international departments which send graduates to Japan, South Korea and Europe are not involved in the assessment; 
International schools/international departments that have not had high school graduates are not involved in the assessment.

Background of Ranking List Making is an independent third-party evaluation organization of international education based on big data analysis. The website first released the list of the best secondary schools which send graduates abroad in 2016, which was published in the name of Yi Tong and United School Network. In 2017, the website released the rankings independently. It is the fifth time to release the ranking in 2020.
The list is a good way to display data visualization. It is designed to provide background reference for parents, students who choose schools and foreign university admissions officers recruit Chinese students. It also provides a model for international education organizations to learn from each other. 
Making a good list is not easy. A good list requires interests cutting, standard science and real data. 
The website first cut in the interests. Since making the list, the website does not carry on any commercial cooperation with any school, maintains the appraisal neutrality and the independence. 
Secondly, in the evaluation standard setting, the appropriate school should pay attention to the quantitative data from the application results. The application result is the most uncontested data of all international education data. After the first four years of list making, the website evaluation criteria have been recognized by the education circle.
Third, the website attaches great importance to the school's field research.2020 rankings are based on the collection and analysis of 1152 international schools and international departments, field interviews and research of more than 400 schools and interviews with nearly 1,000 students in 2020.

Ranking highlights and school selection references 


The domestic international education system is very complex. The school sponsors are diverse. At the same time, different countries have different admission standards. How to evaluate the admissions between universities is a difficult matter. 
For 2020 rankings, different items were evaluated separately for the first time. For example, Nanjing Foreign Language School, its headquarters’ international education and international department are two different branches, which have different operators. After the first four lists released, asked for the views of the schools, this year the different items will be evaluated separately, including Nanjing Foreign language School, Hefei No .1 High School, Hefei No .6 High School, Zhengzhou No .7 High School. To evaluate the different items of these school separately, it is necessary to have a deep understanding and familiarity with the schools. The ultimate goal of the rankings is to provide reference for parents and students to choose the right international school / international department and to make parents and students more aware of the choice of school by evaluating the items separately. Due to the complexity of the international situation, students applying to overseas universities in this year or two will generally take the countermeasures of multiple countries application at the same time. When choosing the final university, students need to consider the comparability of application difficulty in different countries. Through the analysis results of about 3000 students' interviews, the universities of the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia are classified. According to the results of the data analysis, the application difficulty of American universities is the highest while that of the best universities in Canada and Australia is roughly the same as that of the top 50. 
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