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Pegasus Voice: Kevin - “Piano Prince” & “Super Scholar”

        Release Time:2022-11-02 13:54

Pegasus Voice No.31
Kevin, Grade 12
Admitted to prestigious schools such as New York University, University of Toronto, University of California, Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Boston University, Case Western Reserve University, etc.
Kevin, who has a level ten of piano, not only has high attainments in music, but is also a “super scholar” who maintains "A" in all courses. From a shy boy to be the team leader of various school clubs, through his enthusiasm, he inspires the young people around him to pursue their dreams bravely!
The University of Toronto, UCD, UCI, UCSB, NYU, BU and other top universities sent him admissions, which is the best compliment to him!
In today’s Pegasus Voice, let’s walk into Kevin's story together!
Kevin & UCD offer
01  “Piano prince” Kevin: Music means special to me
Hello everyone! I'm Kevin, a grade 12 student of Pegasus school, and like many Qingdao students, I also received 9 years of compulsory education before I came here, which means that I officially received the international education after finishing primary school and junior high school, and choosing this path has also become a turning point in my life.
I usually like to do some music-related activities to enrich my spare time, including playing the piano, singing or practicing rhythm and percussion, etc. I think music is an important part of my life. There is also a special understanding and feeling in music, I can express the different emotions I feel in my life very well, and "complement each other" - it can be said that it is my relationship with music.
I have been learning piano since I was 5 years old, and passed the certification of the piano level 10 in the second year of junior high school. The piano has a very special meaning to me. It has accompanied and witnessed my growth from childhood to adulthood. I also gained strength and beauty from music.

02 What are Kevin’s unique factors making him admitted by so many top schools?
I think my whole application season went smoothly. Basically, all the schools I applied for sent me offers, including the three schools of the University of California (Davis, Irvine and Santa Barbara), New York University, Boston University, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Toronto in Canada.
Most impression left is applying for CWRU
I am most impressed by applying to Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). CWRU is the first university that I have done a lot of "research", and it is also the only one that has given me a "defer". CWRU is a kind of university with small circle, relatively low popularity, but very strong strength. In particular, its medicine subject can rank in the forefront of the whole American universities, because I have made great efforts in CWRU, So I continued to apply. After a series of efforts, I was finally recognized by CWRU.
University of Toronto is my final choice
Although my application season was relatively smooth on the whole, it was inevitable that I made some small mistakes in the process. For example, I made some mistakes when filling in the application form due to carelessness, but those problems were properly solved through e-mail communication with the school. I will choose to go to the University of Toronto as my final choice. Its comprehensive strength is obvious to all, its global ranking is also very good, and its admission is also my favorite direction in physics and mathematics, so this will be my final choice.
GPA is my biggest advantage
I think the most important factor for me to be admitted to these universities is that my GPA scores rank high among my classmates. I got A in all the courses in high school, and only one of them is A-. I think this is a big advantage in the application.

Kevin UCI offer
03 Pegasus gave me language ability, knowledge reserve and the ability to adapt to college life in advance
After the high school entrance examination, both my parents and I wanted me to follow the international education route, so I chose to study abroad. At the beginning, we saw various international schools in Qingdao. The reason why I finally chose Pegasus was that it deeply moved me from the learning atmosphere and the teaching level of teachers here.
Pegasus has improved my English in all aspects and enabled me to adapt to college study in advance
Since I had been always in public schools, I felt uncomfortable when encountering the new teaching model of Pegasus as well in the beginning, but through the guidance of teachers in the classroom and the experience of various activities in the past few years, I have made great progress in all aspects. What I feel most deeply is my English proficiency, that is from “I don't know” to now when I have no pressure even in the native English environment, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, and writing skills. In this regard, the school’s “English Only” policy has played a huge role in providing us with an English language environment and developing the habit of sticking to English.
In addition to the language, the courses in Pegasus bring enough knowledge to us. For example, it has various AP courses, which allows us to have a certain understanding of the university's knowledge in advance, and prepare for the university's knowledge in advance. I think it is very important to lay a solid knowledge foundation ahead.
I led two school clubs, among which the “Music Game Club” belongs to the “niche” field. In our weekly activities, members of the club will play their favorite music games, and we will use our own understanding and experience of the game to create some music. This is different from the piano score. It tests our musical knowledge, sense of rhythm and independent thinking ability. This club experience has not only improved the friendship between me and my classmates, but also developed our hobbies.
I am the captain and driver of the school's racing team. Each member of the team has a different division of labor. Our main task is to contribute to the racing competition held in the country every year. I will supervise the team members to complete all tasks on time, and encourage them to make suggestions. The racing team has made good achievements last year and won two heavyweight awards. I think joining the club is a very good opportunity for students to exercise. It not only helps us apply for colleges, but also allows us to gain knowledge and friendship.
04 My success is inseparable from the support and help of “big family” of Pegasus and my parents
In my entire PCS life, in addition to the foreign teachers of various subjects who taught us knowledge, there were also entrance guidance teachers who helped us plan our learning and entrance routes at all stages of the high school. In the classroom, I think PCS teachers have rich teaching experience and can effectively teach us effective knowledge according to the situation of the students.
Talented students are trained by strict teachers
I am most impressed by my English teacher, Mr. Matthew, who has taught me English for two years, which has greatly improved my English level. He is a teacher with very high English level, and his teaching attitude is very attentive and responsible. For example, he gives us very strict scoring standards, but he will effectively improve our English ability through his own educational methods, And let students know their own shortcomings and actively correct them. It is his way of education that has stimulated my learning potential and enthusiasm.
Mr. Matthew's classroom atmosphere is relaxed and positive. He often talks a paragraph first and then asks us questions, which ensures that each of us can understand and keep up with the progress. In addition to such interactions in the classroom, he often asks us to make some summaries, achievement demonstrations and speeches so that we can better understand the key points of knowledge learned at this stage. I think this is a very good teaching method.
Pegasus is just like a “big family”
In Pegasus classes, we are often required to discuss in groups or work together to complete a task, so that we can have more in-depth communication opportunities between students and further understand each other. Pegasus is like a “big family”. In addition to class, when we encounter problems we don't know or don't understand, we also take the initiative to ask the students for advice. I think this is also a very good way to get along with friends, that is, encouraging each other and reaping friendship through progress.
Parents respect my personality and choices
In terms of family education, my parents not only respected many of my decisions and gave me enough space to explore my own development path, but also expressed their full support to me in terms of my interests, such as the the electronic music. I think this is very important to me. I am very grateful to them!

Kevin & the offer from UCSB
04 Advice to junior classmates
First of all, I would like to wish Pegasus best. I hope that my Alma Mater will become better and better. I hope that more and more students will come to join this wonderful family!
As for the junior classmates, I would like to say that we should also spend more time on activities and actively participate in various community activities in addition to our studies. I think our high school stage should pay more attention to our growth in all aspects, not only to prepare for college application in the future, but also to accumulate our own knowledge and ability development in all aspects.