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Sino-US Basic Education Globalization Forum

        Release Time:2016-03-08 15:11

Sino-US Basic Education Globalization Forum and Pegasus California School opening ceremony will be held on April, 12th. The organizers of the forum include China Education Online, Qingdao High-tech Zone Management Committee, and Qingdao Education Bureau.
Globalization is an important feature and trend of today’s development of basic education. In China, since the open up and reform policy, with the development of science and technology, globalization has become the basis for the development of education practice. Globalization of education is a transition process from tradition to modern, from conservative to more open, and changes in education concept. Basic education globalization is not a simple docking with overseas students, rather, it should focus more on improving teaching quality and cultivating talents with global vision and capability.
Pegasus California School uses the California curriculum. All teachers will be California credentialed and of very high quality. Pegasus California School will bring the very best from the California education program to her students and provide them with inspiring and vigorous academic programs.