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Pegasus Week Plan 8

        Release Time:2022-11-01 15:29

Pegasus Week Plan 8 

Students continue to work on Unit 2 - Functions and their graphs covering a wide range of topics.

(AP Computer Science)
Final week for students to complete the AP Computer Science Principles Create Task.

(Engineering Product Science )
Students continue with Python Programming and will start with a new design project creating a custom clock.

Review Chapter 1 and 2 Test. Students will continue Chapter 3 on motion and complete an equation of motion assignment. End of week Chapter 4 will be introduced.

(AP Calculus AB) 
Applications of the rate of change.

(AP Statistics) 
Finalizing the components of experiments; Introduction to Probability.

(AP Calculus BC) 
Differentiation-Part 2 Composite, Implicit & Inverse Functions.

AP Economy
This week, students will discuss the relationship between consumers, and producers and their relationship with the efficiency of the market. This includes consumer/ producer surplus, how the demand and supply curve shifts, and how to analyze various topical graphs.

Simplifying and/or solving rational functions and how to graph them; Solving rational equations with inequalities; Understanding radical expressions and rational exponents; Graphing radical functions with transformation (translation, rotation, reflection and dilation).

Review circumcenter and incenter of a triangle; Introduce medians and altitudes of triangles which include the centroid theorem; Finding the orthocenter of a triangle; Using the triangle midsegment theorem.

(English 12) 英语12
Write a 2-page essay exploring characterization and conflict in reference to a key chapter; Review for a Quiz; Evaluate key themes across a sequence of chapters and the methods the writer uses to communicate them. 

(AP Language)
Redraft of Rhetorical Essay; Quiz applying skills gained from MCQs and understanding of three methods of development studied; Begin the next unit on language and digest key claims from Amy Tan, George Orwell and Gloria Anzaldua; Complete reading questions and short analytical exercises in preparation for an argument writing assignment.

(Academy Reading & Writing) 
Learn new vocabulary connected to the unit; Use conversational expressions using prepositions; Use the future tense to talk about a new sport.

To be able to present a mid-term exam project presentation about the evolution of American household economic evolution. Also to be able to give a presentation on the average American households' income and expenditure.

(English 9)
Start on the mid-term exam presentation.Be able to speak in English about a country of the students choosing.

(Academy English)
To be able to make an oral English presentation about a chosen country presenting various facts and figures about the chosen country.

AP Government
Students will watch the movie Amistad.

AP US History
Students will learn about English colonies' way of life.

US History
Students will learn about English colonies' way of life.

World History
Students will continue learning about Ancient Greece.

(AP European History)
Review of the Italian and Northern Renaissance; The age of Reformation.

Students are working on learning and playing field hockey, boxing basics, foundation of handball, football, archery, and basketball-relevant skills.

(Digit Arts)
Demonstrate an understanding of the different color models and relationships between colors; Develop an awareness of color’s expressive role in visual culture; Critically analyze the use of color in media to create thematic and narrative expressions; Make color compositions exploring the expressive and communicative qualities of the different color relationships; Constructively critique their peers on their use of color to communicate visually, respond to critique from their peers and the teacher by editing their work, and write reflections on their work, the work of their peers, and how that work has changed.

(AP Studio Arts)AP 
Guided work and sustained Investigation. Inquiry and Investigation Questions completed. In Progress Critique.

Paul F.
(AP Biology)
Start to study Chapter 16  Evidence of Evolution; Chapter 17 Processes of Evolution; Experiment: enzyme and test food.

(AP Chemistry) 
Review and practices of acids and bases; Explanation about how to calculate the pH, pKa, pKb, pKc; Experiment of titration.

Finish Chpter 10 study; Start Chapter 11 study.

Study Chapter 7: How far? How fast? chemical reaction rate.

(Academy Science)
Buoyancy and Momentum.

(Academy Math) 
Finish 2.5&2-7; Practice and prepare for quizzes.

(Academy English Listening & Speaking)
Finish Unit2 and start Unit3 lifestyle, students are able to finish the language development.

Students in Mr. Szatynski's AP Psychology class will be finishing Chapter 3: Biological Bases of Behavior this week. The next chapter, Sensation and Perception will begin.

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