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Brian Murphy

Pegasus Physical Education Teacher
B.A.,Carlow institute of technology Bachelor of Science
Brian Murphy was born in Ireland and was raised in both Ireland and Manchester England, where he experienced schooling from both countries. He graduated from IT Carlow with a B.A. in Sports Science and is also an accredited NCS and NFQ trainer and coach.  Brian is a firm believer in the benefits of physical education both on a personal level and for society at large. During his time as a physical educator he has had the good fortune to work with everyone from semi-professional athletes to very young learners. However its in the young learners where his passion truly lies as they are of an age where knowledge is of the greatest importance.  Brian firmly believes that greater physical education awareness leads to a more developed and healthy adult both physically and mentally.  During his time in China Brian has worked as a city academic manager, helping to train and develop teachers while striving for academic excellence.  In his spare time Brian is an avid fan of most sport both in playing and watching, in particular football (soccer).

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