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Currently recruiting the following positions

Teaching Assistant

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for English course teaching and exam counseling.
    2. Prepare teaching/academic materials based on course requirements.
    3. Assist foreign teachers in teaching, daily class management and communication with parents.
    4. Follow up students’ learning progress, and provide personalized services for students with differentiated academic levels.
    5. Organize school activities related to English learning and build a campus culture to popularize English. 
    6. Participate in class management, self-study tutoring, student life management and extracurricular activities etc. 

    Job Requirements
    1. Master degree or above in English Major.
    2. Teacher qualification certificate, TEM-8, above Putonghua Level 2 grade A is required.
    3. 28-45 years old, having overseas study and work experience or relevant working experience in international school is preferred.
    4. Familiar with English examination (TOEFL, SAT etc.).

    5. Familiar with international education market and its development trend, capable of cross-cultural work and study.


    Work Location: Qingdao

Director of Logistics

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the management of logistics and services at School.
    2. Manage school bus and arrange busing students to and from school.
    3. Responsible for campus security.
    4. Responsible for catering management and health service.
    5. Responsible for school facilities maintenance and campus environment management.
    6. Accomplish other tasks assigned by the School Board. 

    Job Requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above.
    2. 30-45 years old with more than five years relevant working experience.
    3. Good communication skills and well-organized.
    4. Good sense of customer service.
    5. Fluent English skills, both oral and written.

    6. Relevant working experience in international school is preferred. 

    Work Location: Qingdao
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